Ask and You Shall Receive with Heather Nichols

Charlinda Nieuwoudt      Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Heather Nichols has been playing and creating in the field of transformation and magic her whole life.

​A visionary, agent of change, and knower of what is possible beyond this reality, she has been facilitating people into joyful embodiment, phenomenal businesses, orgasmic living, and juicy creation through the vehicles of Somatic Psychotherapy, Movement, Tantra, Feminine Leadership, and Access Consciousness for over 18 years.

She lives in Boulder, Seattle, on airplanes, and all over this beautiful globe where she adores working with people to say YES to the brilliant lives that are waiting for them on the other side of choice.


I am so happy you are here!

When I started my business, one of the targets was to create value.  The Playground contributes to that target.  

May you enjoy exploring, learning and playing within these pages...