To have a Bot or not? With Steve Pfister

Charlinda Nieuwoudt      Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Did you know that in 2017 alone, 52% of internet traffic is Bot-related?  A Bot is a computer programme that has a set of realistic - pre-determined - answers that is relayed to your users whenever they interact with you. It can be as intricate or simple as you design it to be.  What if having Bot technology is what your business requires to take it to the next step?  And what if Bot technology is nothing you thought it to be?  

If you are even slighly curious about Bot technology and the impact it can have on your business, I invite you to spend the next hour with me and Steve as we explore... the business of the future.

About the Expert:

Steve started his working life as a sailmaker, and realised it was not all the fun and excitement he thought it would be.  He joined a local newspaper at the age of 29 and started his career in sales and marketing and at the ripe age of 40 started his own magazine which he ran for just over 12 years. December last year Steve decided that print was just getting way to hard... Everyone was on Google, or social media, so he closed up shop and went digital.

With Steve's technical and marketing know-how from the magazine background combined with his wife's Social Media training (she is part of an Elite group of FB marketers), they offer a cutting-edge service to business owners looking to embrace the future of marketing and business.


Key Takeaways 

  • Bots play a key role in Internet Traffic
  • Your clients' could have a very realistic and interactive experience with your Bot and not even know they are talking to a Bot.
  • A Bot's design and success depends solely on it's developer

Connect with Steve Pfister

Chat with him on Facebook or check out his website OzzyChat


Mentioned In this Episode: 

Wow!  Steve is giving away 1 ChatBot worth $1200 to one of our listeners.  How awesome is that?!

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3. Type the word "Charlinda"



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