Vibrate New Possibilities Into Your Life With Laura Hackel

Charlinda Nieuwoudt      Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Here is your opportunity to have 2016 be the year where you say to yourself, “I'm Having It!” Where “it” is whatever you most want in your life. Once you decide what you want, I will step you through how to use your vibrational energy and vibrational field to support you.

We use the tools of Access Consciousness on the show, which includes the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement. You can find more information on the Clearing Statement at

About the Expert:

Laura is a vibrational energy healer and artist, wife, mother of three, bestselling author, and bringer of light to this planet.

She can be found spending her days between her ceramics studio and her healing studio where she delights in helping people make a deeper connection to their soul and the wisdom of their souls and to experience the deep inner wisdom and beauty that exists in the layers, textures and patterns within.

Laura works her magic to help you raise your vibration and live the life you want by combining her background as a corporate executive, her Shaman and energy healing practices, her intuition, and zest for life in general.


Key Takeaways 

  • New possibilities are always there if you are willing to receive them.
  • Conciousness is a choice.


Connect with Laura Hackel

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